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Idea: how to train my puppy fast track system

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Attention Puppy/Older Dog Owners: 97% Of All Problems Relieved In

"Who Else Wants To End The Frustration Of Puppy Potty Accidents Forever With
These Proven, Quick,
And Easy Remedies?"

With the right information, you'll potty train your puppy, without
expensive obedience schools, hours of pulling your hair out, and
finally enjoy your puppy like the day you brought him home...

From: Trey Stevens
Subject: The agony of puppy training... and the solution!

Trey and Tammy

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Nothing beats the companionship of a puppy of your own. The day you
bring him home- You're so excited. But then the fun starts, doesn't it?

We won't tell anybody... but I bet there are times you probably regret
getting him. Right?

I remember the day I brought Max home. I was in love with him from the
time he stepped his paw into our home.

But... soon I was stepping my foot into his messes...

2 days later I was so mad and frustrated that I cursed the day I spent
$375 to bring him home.

What was I thinking? I didn't realize how much time it would take to
train him to do even the smallest tasks. For one- NOT using my house as
his public bathroom!

If you want to potty train your puppy in the least amount of time, this
report could be the most important one you've ever read.

Here's why...

If there was a mistake to make with my first 3 dogs, I made it.

Making critical training mistakes in the beginning with your loving
puppy causes a lot of embarrassment in the future... Wait too long and
the habits are a lot tougher to stop.

You'll deal with stained rugs... biting at your ankles and generally
just a disobedient and an unhappy dog... and for only one reason.

You didn't know how to train him right from the beginning.

Can you tell I've been there?

Here's what happened...

One day my wife gave the sign: "It's either him or me."

NOW I was desperate.

I couldn't blame her. Cleaning the carpet was getting expensive...

Before Max, one of our dogs thought the kitchen chair was her chew toy.
One of the legs had gotten dangerous to sit in because it had been
chewed so much. Did I mention my wife's grandmother had passed down the
table to us? I usually leave that part out.

I'd assumed this housebreaking thing was supposed to come natural. It
didn't- by a long shot.

So I bought everything I could find on the internet. I devoured
information until I went into 'information over-load'. Do you know how
much conflicting opinions there are out there?

Too much.

Finally- It all came together though. And fast. The good news is that
once I knew what I was doing... You'd have thought I was the 'Dog

With the right puppy training in the first few weeks... I solved the
potty issues and the other behavior problems. And you can too.

All this happened around 6 years ago now... Fast forward to today.

"...these have to be the best kept secrets the "Pro" puppy trainers
never wanted you to know. Fast and easy methods for less than the cost
of a crate..."

I've helped literally hundreds of other frustrated owners... and you'll
get to meet a few of these in a second.

I've dedicated myself to help other puppy owners not have to go through
the same hair-pulling experiences.

My goal: To keep your puppy or rescued dog OUT of the shelter and IN
your home. And this goal didn't come without a price.

Matter of fact...

I Spent Over $368.15 In Books, Videos & Consulting Fees -- So You
Wouldn't Have To

Let's face it...

You'll probably spend a lot of money trying to learn everything you can
about your dog... including books and magazines, maybe videos or even
expensive obedience schools..

And that doesn't even begin to account for special foods or other
expenses. And who blames you.

You love him, right?

But the sad fact is most aren't willing to pay a fraction of that in
the beginning...

They wait until the habits are set in stone! Then I get the emails
about the stubborn teenage puppy... And together, we handle it- but it
would've taken a fraction of the training in the beginning...

Looking back with the first 3 dogs I've had- THAT was my biggest
training mistake- NOT starting when they were puppies...

I spent $368.15 in books, videos and consulting fees to know what the
experts know. Below is a list of all the training information I
purchased to transform my disobedient puppies into some of the best
friends I've ever had:

* 6
Books, or manuals - Totaling $89.35 (that's before sales tax)
* 4 Videos $39.95 each -Totaling $159.80
* 2 Short Obedience schools - Totaling $79.00
* 1 One On One Training With A Personal Dog Trainer ($40 per half

But think about what it's going to cost you if you aren't willing to
fork out up to $368.15 to fix your puppy problems. You'll come back to
this site a few months from now and realize that you still possess the
dog... but now you dislike him...

maybe even resent him...

He's not the fun you imagined.

I'm happy to announce, that you no longer have any excuses because ...

I've made available an A to Z, Step-by-Step system at a fraction of
what it would have cost you to learn what it takes to be the owner of a
well-trained and well-loved puppy.

"I mean it is fabulous..."

Your research on this subject has left me speechless...

The information is that good!
- Robert from AL

To be candid, there is truly no other system on the market that shows
you exactly how to tackle and solve the really tough challenges of
training your puppy.. once and for all.

"Are You Ready To Train Your Puppy
Right Now, -- Even If You've Tried
Everything Else And Failed... Miserably?"

I'll show you how in hours... how to train your puppy- no more stinky
accidents on the carpet... no more biting at everything in sight... no
more disobedience...

Imagine- walking outside with your puppy- giving a simple command and
watching your puppy obey you EVERY time. Your neighbors just
might ask for lessons with their kids.

Picture this: You're walking down the sidewalk with your puppy and
actually enjoying the walk-

I remember when I had my second dog- Max. He's getting a little old now
or maybe it's me getting old... Either way- we had some great times

Those were some of the best memories I cherish...
it truly was a joy to go walking with him-

Not once... I mean not once... would the leash tighten up... he'd run
on my right side the entire time. If you go to your local park you'll
see the opposite. It's like a tug-of-war and the puppy is usually

The Birth of a System

During all my frustrations and research out of necessity, I became
somewhat of an expert. You might be wondering why on earth would the
internet need another expert, after all isn't there already enough
information about training puppies?

And the answer is no.

I mean, yes, there is some good information out there but there's also
a lot of misguided crap to sift through...

Why such harsh words?

Because I've met too many good people who had to give back their puppy
or place them in a shelter because some 'expert' gave them the wrong
information... It was not their fault.

Meet some recent owners of the system I'm so proud of...

"I want to compliment you on
your 'dog whisperer' approach..."

I want to compliment you on your "dog whisperer " approach.

The puppy, 12 week old PBGV, "General Beauregarde", while
looking like an angel, is a little closer to "Hell's Angels"...

...your comments are educational and entertaining even to old troupers
, having raised many dogs; we still enjoyed the directness and
technique in the training tips.

"Beau" has improved markedly in just one week: goes to the door when he
feels the call, and goes into his crate in the bedroom on his own.

Today, we left him alone in his crate for the first time...took your
advice on how to leave and how to return...worked perfectly!

I could go on and on because we are so pleased with the results.

Thanks again.
-Dick and Lynda Baio
Bucks County, PA

"I was beginning to feel that I may have failed my puppy, (Wooki),
before we had even began a relationship!"

Hello Trey, I haven't written to thank you yet on the information you
have been flooding my way, so, Thank you Trey!

I bought my little puppy and in the first week felt myself overwhelmed
and well in over my head.

What was I thinking.
It had been 16 yrs since last I had a puppy, and boy was I feeling the
loss of experience there. So in a desperate act for help I begin to
investigate online.

I was beginning to feel that I may have failed my puppy,(Wooki), before
we had even began a relationship.

Then I found your site online by way of other people writing about you.

I bought your book and began to read immediately!

Suddenly, I was no longer overwhelmed, even better yet, I felt pressure
lifted and my confidence back in such a hurry that I wondered how I
could I've been freaked out! Although she is not top notch with her
potty training, I feel like she is the smartest little puppy in the
whole world.

So thank you Trey, keep up the puppy work!
Rachel Morris Pahrump, NV

"Finally... Finally... Finally... she let us
sleep the entire night through"

Mayda and her 9week old Shitzu-bichon
Hi Trey! I read your book yesterday and started implementing your tips
right away.

Finally Finally Finally my 9 wk shitzu/bichon has stopped crying in her
crate and has let us sleep the entire night through.
Thank you so much!!!

You are awesome! thank you so much, I was ready to pull my hair out!
Mayda Nahhas
Miami, FL.

"I could not imagine ever achieving full housebroken status... yet 3
days later..."

Thank you so much for making the "Fast Track" available to the public.
I have been crate training all along, but having little success with
potty training because of a few key mistakes in my tactics.

Establishing the "pack mentality" helped tremendously, as well. I am so
much closer to the "puppies", too. And I find myself using this
mentality in a general way with my toddlers, TOO!

It is very good for us, because our "pack leader" (my husband) is on
active military duty stateside and travels a lot.

I could not imagine ever achieving full housebroken status with our 2
year old rescued mini daschund Sadie and 7 month old maltese-chihuahua
Macy, yet 3 days after starting your program and correcting my errors,
we are already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and they are
obeying some commands, like "stay" as well.

Sadie has stopped her high emotion incontinence, and acts more
confident too! Now I am wishing I had purchased your obedience training
product, too!

Thanks Again, Trey! Keep up the great service you are doing for dogs
and their owners everywhere.
- Atina Guerieri , Hernando, MS.

"No problems with accidents
at home or work..."

Hey Trey,
Thought I'd give you an update...

Cooper is doing well... we are having no problems with
accidents at home or work..., she'll wait till I get back at go.. so
she has started to trust that when I'm not around, i will be back to
let her out...

She is starting to go to the designated area without a leash...
however, sometimes while we are hanging out together in the backyard,
she will miss the area a little, but its not like she can see a
boundary line... she doesn't 'go potty' just anywhere in the backyard
which is the big plus.
She is responding well to commands and sits whenever meeting new people
knowing she wont get any affection till she does so.
Also, thought I'd attach a photo of another of your great advice
success stories...

Thank you so much,
- Amy M David, New South Wales Australia

"She now sleeps... with NO whining!"

Belle- 9 week old Bichon-Poodle

I just wanted to let you know that you have been a huge help!!

I bought Belle (Bichon/Poodle) when she was 9 weeks.

She would potty all over the house even though I would take her out
every 20 minutes or so. She'd sleep at the foot of our bed because her
whining would keep us (and our 1 year old) up
all night. She now sleeps.....with NO whining!
I bought this less than a week ago and Belle has not gone potty inside
in 48 hours and she will scratch at the door to go out! Thanks! I
attached a picture of Belle and one of our other dogs.
-Lauren O'Donnell
Lansing, MI

"She sits at the door and waits until we've given her permission with
'okay outside'."

Dear Trey,

kara and sofie her 12 week old cockapoo

Kara & Sofie... her 12 wk old Cocka-poo

Thanks so much for all your "help" via ebooks and emails. . . it has
made a big difference for our 12 week old Cocka-poo
~ Sofie.

We brought her home and began crate training her but found that there
were so many conflicting pieces of advice.

I went online immediately and looked for a common sense approach. I was
delighted to find your system and have found it to be especially

She has not had any accidents for 10 days and goes immediately to her
"restroom" when we take her outside. She sits at the door and waits
until we've given her permission with "okay outside". We are delighted.
Thanks so much . . .
I'll be recommending your site to our breeder and anyone else who is in
the puppy stage of life.
-Kara S., Minnesota

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